interior and exterior paint choices

Many customers ask what brand of paint to use and what sheen should be used? In Seaside's experience choosing a brand of paint is not always the most important thing when going into a project. I would say that Ben Moore, Sherwin Williams, Glidden, Flood stains, and Home depot all have some great chooses. It really depends on the type of project our customer is looking for. We recommend certain company's products directly on what they are going on and the conditions involved on that  certain substrate  they are going on. So talking with your paint professional and tapping into their experience is one of the most important things a customer can do.

Staining techniques on exterior boards

Staining tip: If cleaning a vertical wood surface, work from the bottom up to avoid streaking. For more tips, check out
Check out these simple how-tos on staining wood decks and other wood items. With Flood® Wood Care, it's easier than you think!
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Priming Bare wood

Remember what ever your painting project is always prime any spots of the surface that are bare down to the wood or areas that have peeled and been sanded. This is very important becauseTo get a great-looking finish coat and the beautiful, long-lasting results you expect, be sure to properly apply primer to the surfaces you plan to paint.

 primers are formulated to solve typical painting problems while helping to make your finish coat smooth and uniform:

  • Achieve a smooth, professional finish
  • Block stains, marks and odors
  • Assure adhesion
  • Speed topcoating
  • Prevent peeling
  • Attain the truest paint color in the fewest coats
  • Improve touch-up performance of the topcoat

Premium Wall & Wood Primer
- Premium quality primer for the smoothest finish

Multi-Purpose Latex Primer
- General purpose whole-house primer for multiple surfaces

Drywall Primer
- Seals new drywall and previously painted walls for a consistent finish

Harmony® Wall Primer
- An environmentally responsible and low odor formula for drywall

Pre-Wallcovering Primer
- Primes, seals and sizes in one coat

Multi-Purpose Oil-Based Primer
- Versatile sealer and stain blocker, assures a uniform finish

Adhesion Primer
- Tightly bonds to slick and glossy surfaces

White Pigmented Shellac Primer
- Highest performing primer for sealing out the toughest stains and odors in one coat

Concrete & Masonry Primer
- Seals and adheres to concrete, brick, stucco and plaster

The best all around primer to use is Zissner Smartprime


painting interior trim

When painting interior trim it's all about the prep work. First make sure to wipe down and vacum all the wood. second, give all the trim a light sanding and fix any imperfections with wood fill. Third, caulk all the gaps you can see. After the caulk drys, there is a great product from white lighting called bolt quick dry this drys in 30 minutes and is  easy to work with. then sand any repair work down to trim. Finally prime any repair or bear wood spots with zinnser cover stain. okay ready to paint.